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Part One: 10 Rules for Writing a Dynamic Resume
Part Two: Network Your Way to Your Next Job
Plus the Best Use of the Internet

Part Three: Effective Interviewing and Negotiating

1. Use a qualifications profile not an objective ... the latter definitely dates a resume and is inappropriate -- instead, use a targeted cover letter to match qualifications and experience to requirements of position and, in the letter, articulate specific goal.

2. Present specific, quantifiable accomplishments (CAR approach: Challenge - Action - Results ... create "stories" for use both in the resume and in interviewing).

3. Frontload the resume with keywords -- if replying to online or classified listings, cull keywords that match your skills and attributes. Couple keywords with accomplishments to drive home "signature strengths."

4. Don't create an obituary-style resume, which is listing only "tasks, duties, and responsibilities" -- in fact, avoid those words.

5. Never use the words "I" or "my" in a resume ... write in resume-ese, not complete sentences. Drop articles of speech, the "the's," "an's," and "a's."

6. One or two pages? Whatever is needed to best sell your story -- succinctly and saliently!

7. Avoid over-use of bullets (the "laundry list" look) but don't be too text-heavy or "densely written" either ... a mix of succinct narrative with selective bullets is the best way to go.

8. Ensure good use of white space: make it visually appealing and clear and use a readable font no smaller than 11 point for content. Don't mix too many typographic features -- be selective when using bold, italics, and underscore features. Do adjust spacing (called leading) between lines and between paragraphs.

9. Proofread, proofread, and proofread again. Don't rely on spell-check. Have a trusted friend (with good English skills) double-check your work.

10. For paper presentation, select a high-quality, cotton fiber watermarked resume paper -- 32 pound weight is desirable -- in an understated-but-elegant off-white. For electronic presentation, create an ASCII text format of your resume as well as a Microsoft Word version.

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