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"I want to thank you and share some of the success of your resume work in my life. Let me start by saying, you are truly a master of your profession! Ever since using your cover letter and resume presentation, I've been able to get job interviews at some of the nation's most successful (types of companies). I have touted your praises to every working professional that I know. Please know that I am a very grateful client." - E.R., Sales Executive, Pennsylvania

"Just wanted to let you know I landed a job as national sales manager for a financial software company here in Raleigh. Thank you for your help. I went from applicant to top candidate for the job in less than three weeks! I know that your resume was the catalyst that helped me focus on what I needed prospective employers to know about me." - K.J., National Sales Manager, North Carolina

"What a great help you are! Thanks for all your support. This inquiry (from a prospective employer) is in direct response to your mailing. Thanks again." - M.E., Chief Operations Executive, New Jersey

"After spending some time reading and re-reading the proof you sent, I think it will stand just as it is. It is a work of art - very well written art, too. Thanks again for your effort and time." - D.L., CEO, South Carolina

"My resume is getting rave reviews and definitely helped me quickly get noticed by two major health insurance/employee benefits companies. I had exploratory interviews with both of them this week." - K.L., Director-level Executive, Connecticut

"I just thought you would like to know I was offered a job today at (CHANNEL X) ... the resume that you put together for me was the ticket. I have had such better responses since we made the changes. I do appreciate your terrific insight to the strengths and qualities a person possesses and the know-how to put them on paper." - A.D., Television Director/Producer, California

"I mailed 18 resumes and cover letters ... and received 18 phone calls! Your work is superb and it's why I continue to work with you, year after year, in updating my resume as I move throughout my career! Thank you." - L.R., Customer Service Manager, Connecticut

"Thanks so much, Jan! I had a really important job interview, three with the same company and with all different people. Every one of them said: You had a great resume!" - D.T., Law Enforcement Executive, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to drop you this note to thank you for your help in jazzing up my resume. So far I have gotten great responses." - M.S., Managed Care Executive, New York

"We just wanted to thank you for doing such a beautiful job with (HUSBAND'S) resume. It was definitely the edge he needed - and he did succeed! He was just offered a great position with a large and growing company with great potential. Thank you for the confidence he needed!" - T.G., Construction Superintendent, Illinois

"You are on a long list of persons I wish to thank for assisting me in securing my new employment. I accepted an engineering position with (UTILITY COMPANY) at the Corporate Office. The position and offer are better than I expected. I enjoyed working with you, and largely attribute my success to your professional and timely services. Thank you!" - R.P., Engineering Executive, Massachusetts

"Thank you for your excellent service on such short notice! I truly appreciate your making the time to fit me into your already full schedule. I am completely happy with your work and plan to refer my friends and family to you. Thanks for everything, Jan!" - J.F., Insurance Analyst, Virginia

"I wanted to thank you so much for your guidance and input in developing my resume and cover letter. I am sure that your suggestions made a great impact on the (CITY) personnel when they read my material. The list of questions was very helpful to me also, since I have not interviewed in 15 years! Thanks again for making this process so bearable for me! It was greatly appreciated." - S.R., Special Education Professional, Connecticut

"I got the job as the General Manager for (CIVIC CENTER/SPORTS ARENA). I negotiated a good pay package including coverage of moving expenses. Thanks for the resume that made it possible." - D.B., Oregon

"I made it! I've been here for a month, lending money on projects that create jobs, rebuild areas, and all that good stuff. In the end I had an offer from (MAJOR NY BANK), working for loads of money. In the end I chose Boston for the quality of work and life - okay, money. But it was nice to have a choice. The resume served me very well. Thanks for all your help." - J.K., Bank Executive, Massachusetts

"Thank you very much for your help. I got copies of the letters you wrote earlier this past week and they are exceptional! I really appreciate your being my right arm ... I'll let you know how I do. Thanks again." - J.J., Sales Vice President, Connecticut

"Just a note to let you know all our hard work has paid off. I am one of 11 retail location managers for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games. All your time and advice was greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!" - C.H., Retail Manager, Georgia

"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into improving my resumes. I am delighted with the results! Your work gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my job search. Thanks again." - L.L., Elementary Teacher, Pennsylvania

"Thanks very much for helping (SON). Your great work gives him extra confidence and helps get him interviews." - P.P., regarding his son, a recent graduate (finance major), Connecticut

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help throughout this ordeal this past year. I look forward to going back to work on Monday. I'm excited about this new opportunity and plan to do well for the company as well as myself. I probably couldn't have done it without you, Jan, and hope to keep the communication lines open, if it is just to say 'hello'. Thanks again." - W.P., Senior Sales Manager, Rhode Island

"Just a short note to let you know that I got a job at (SCHOOL). I am very excited and I feel very strongly in saying that without your assistance, I could not have done it. Thanks again!" - T.Y., Private School Administrator, Connecticut

"I just thought that I would pass along the compliments that I have received on the resume you created for me. It is working out great. Last week I had interviews with (TWO MAJOR INVESTMENT FIRMS). The recruiter couldn't say enough nice things about the resume, especially the summary. She LOVED it! Thanks again for all your help." - J.A., Investment Finance Intern, New York

"I wanted to give you my good news. I did, in fact, accept the position at (MAJOR NEW ENGLAND BANK) in their management training program. So I achieved my goal with the help of the beautiful resume you designed. So, thanks again!" - S.C., Banking Manager-in-Training, Connecticut

"My resume literally stood out from the rest! I had increased confidence on job interviews because of how good I looked on paper. The director of human resources even told me she has never seen a resume as well-written as mine. Your services were worth every penny!" - K.C., Communications Project Manager, Connecticut

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