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Client Services

Some of the Services We Provide to Our Clients

We work with clients around the globe in crafting distinctive, branded resumes, leadership addenda, project management briefs, email communiques, cover letters, bios, thank-you letters, executive recruiter campaigns, venture capital and private equity campaigns, 90-day/180-day business plans, and LinkedIn profiles designed for today's multimedia job searches. Our process of working together is designed to be highly collaborative and effective, "seamless and painless." The steps include:

Complimentary Proposal

For clients with an existing resume (perhaps an out-of-date copy or a newly developed draft), we invite you to email to learn how we can optimize your documents; there's absolutely no cost or obligation.

A complimentary set of recommendations, suggested game plan for working together, and proposal will be provided via email outlining specifically what steps are proposed for enhancing your resume and cover letter (or developing these materials entirely from scratch via a confidential consultation).

This proposal details all fees associated with the proposed services, enabling you to make an informed decision. This process is the best way to know precisely what your investment will be—and learn exactly what tools you will receive to position you for the most successful search possible.

If you are developing a resume from scratch—or simply want to create one from a blank slate—just email or call us and we'll promptly provide you with a detailed proposal for your consideration.

Confidential Consultation

Once you are ready to move forward and engage our services, we'll schedule a mutually convenient telephone consultation appointment that is both confidential and comprehensive. During the consultation process, we'll focus on not only your past accomplishments and present skills, but your targeted audience and ideal "next position."

An important part of our discussion will include identifying your brand, the unique "value-add" you bring to prospective employers—it's all part of crafting an effective branded resume and, for most clients, cohesive LinkedIn content.

Throughout the highly interactive and dynamic consultation, we will glean a broad range of material that will be used in creating your professional resume and collateral materials. Our clients consistently tell us that the consultation is empowering (reinforcing their value proposition in their own mind) and has the added benefit of preparing them effectively for the interviews to follow, so it serves two purposes!

And, by the way, you will work exclusively with me (Jan Melnik) as your strategist, coach, and writer throughout the entire process, from high-touch consultation to completed collaterals (I am a solopreneur by choice and your project is not "farmed out" to anyone else).

A partner to the resume development process is the discussion and creation of the strategy you will use to produce optimal search success. For most clients today, this includes an integrated, multimedia approach (networking, leveraging LinkedIn connections and features, cultivating executive recruiter contacts within select industries, contacting target companies directly, and utilizing the top website posting boards).

Following the intake consultation appointment, you can typically expect receipt of a professional proof document for your review within about two weeks. Once you have reviewed and approved the proof or noted any desired revisions, the final materials will be in your email account within several days. Our packages all include (as a minimum) Microsoft Word documents and PDF versions of your resume forwarded to your email account and complimentary storage in our system.

Upon completion of full resume development for our clients, we also provide free of charge a customized compilation of professional articles focusing on each individual client's specific needs. Our "Primer for Conducting an Effective Career Search" (complimentary to all resume clients) details specific strategies for self-managing your own search and provides excellent recommendations to help you quickly and successfully begin using your new resume/cover letter/LinkedIn materials. Topics covered include job search, networking, interview preparation, and compensation negotiation.

Professional Fees

Clients are provided with a written quotation in the proposal based upon the initial inquiry discussion or complimentary review of their resumes. All fees quoted are based upon time and expertise devoted to the consultation and editorial services (in writing the resume, LinkedIn, and cover letter as well as any other contracted materials), plus the formatting/design of the resume.

Resumes generally begin at $975 with packages beginning in the $1,400-$2,200 range. More complex resumes are typically between $1,900 and $2,800. Complete packages, especially for senior-level executives, can range anywhere from $2,600 to $4,500+ when LinkedIn, job-search coaching, or interview coaching services are included. Because there can be such a broad range based on each individual's unique situation, we will happily provide a customized, free, and no-obligation quotation of your project so that you can best make an informed decision knowing precisely what your investment will be.

We will answer any questions and obtain your agreement before moving forward. Fees are handled via PayPal in advance of work being performed.

Ancillary Services We Provide

Dependent upon your needs, you may wish to engage our assistance in helping you prepare for interviewing (behavior-based, panel interviewing, telephone screening, Skype interviewing, etc.).

Perhaps you would like to arrange for coaching assistance—ongoing throughout your search or a single coaching session to specifically address a particular aspect of your search (interview questions you've found difficult, salary negotiations, leveraging your use of your LinkedIn profile and other social media in an active job search, creating scripts for networking, relocation questions, etc.). We provide all of these services to a number of our clients.

We have partnered with several exclusive resume distribution services designed to give you the greatest advantage and efficacy in distributing your resume to top-notch employers and recruiters nationwide. In addition, we can provide one-on-one training on the best techniques for managing your own search on line. Or, alternatively, if time does not allow, you can engage us to manage your online job search—responding to opportunities, posting your resume on the major boards, emailing letters and resumes on your behalf, etc.

We can coach you to help ensure your online persona reflects exactly the image you wish to project. Keep in mind that most HR folks, recruiters, and decision makers will be using LinkedIn, Googling you, checking Twitter and Facebook, searching blogs, and tapping a variety of other social media tools to check your identity and reputation on line before you get the first call or meeting.

Also consider that many people in your network—perhaps including those you've lost touch with—are using the Internet and social media more and more to locate lost contacts. Perhaps a former colleague you haven't spoken to in a number of years will be searching to find you in order to present an exciting career opportunity!

We've been in practice since 1983 … and are committed to the profession of helping clients successfully manage their own career searches. We have assisted more than 10,000 clients in their efforts to conduct successful searches in nearly every field imaginable. Your resume is retained in our system indefinitely—at no charge to you—thus facilitating extremely convenient and very cost-effective updates (a typical update is generally under $500); you never need "reinvent the resume development wheel" again!

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